Once Upon A Time… PAZAZ™ Style!

Every time I see a story and it begins “Once Upon A Time” I am immediately taken back to my childhood. I don’t think there is any other introduction that can transport me faster than that wonderful phrase.

“Once Upon A Time” reminds me of my mother reading to me from the old beautifully illustrated short story books. Because my attention span was a bit constricted the length of the book was perfect. This eventually led to the fairy tale movies that seem to contain the aforementioned phrase to begin the induced trance I’ve always succumbed to. There are very few phrases that can transport me into a smile that connects the dots like being swept away into a time machine bringing fond childhood memories to the surface as quickly as “Once Upon A Time.”

In think my favorite stories contained themes that centered around small children getting into trouble (I could relate to that). Then, by the grace of God, finding a way to get out of the predicament always learning something, leading to a very happy conclusion. This conclusion in many instances resulted in a reward that was either food related, love related, or money related. I really couldn’t relate to the money reward as I had no idea what anything would cost but I certainly could relate to food and love.

I would pretend (my favorite pastime other than daydreaming) that I was the child catapulted into the always difficult situation finding a way to navigate my way out and of course saving the day. Reading or listening to the fairy tales constructed and orchestrated by the Brothers Grimm (published in 1812) was one my favorite diversions.

Of the Brother Grimm stories I have to say that the one that stood out for me was Hansel and Gretel. Just think for a moment… a brother and sister abandoned in a forest where they fall into the hands of a witch who lives in a house made of gingerbread, cake, and pastries. You had me at gingerbread!

The story takes a dark turn when the cannibalistic witch intends to fatten the children up before eventually eating them. However, Gretel outwits the witch and kills her. A beautiful story with a clear message to be careful of strangers.

Of course in today’s PC world this story would be edited to include a group hug at the end with all the cookies, cakes, and gingerbread being auctioned off on the QVC network. Then, the proceeds of the auction would go to the diabetes awareness foundation in which case only 10% would actually create awareness and the other 90% would go to the founders of the foundation.

Having said all that I still believe in the magic of the Christmas season and the fairy tale… because part of that happiness can be traced back to all of our childhoods, “Once Upon A Time.”