One Of My Favorite Historical Stories…PAZAZ™ Style!

Near the end of the 19th century there were two boys playing on a farm near a bog. One of the boys slipped and fell into the bog. The other boy, not fearing for his life but acting out of instinct, dove into the bog and saved the drowning boy’s life. The boy who fell into the bog was from a wealthy family and the boy who saved him lived on a farm and was from a poor family.

When the father of the wealthy family discovered that the poor farmer’s boy had saved his son he drove his buggy to the farm to speak with the boy’s father. The wealthy father offered the poor farmer’s father a large sum of cash to thank him for his son’s heroic gesture. The farmer being a very proud man declined the money.

The wealthy father then drove his buggy back to his mansion. Thinking about the situation further he decided to give it one more try (as he was so grateful that his son’s life had been spared). The wealthy father, the very next day, drove his buggy out to the farm.

The wealthy land owner came up with another plan he thought might interest the poor farmer. He thought he would discuss an alternative means of payment for the incredible gratitude he felt for having his son’s life spared by the heroic effort of the farmer’s boy. He pulled up to the farm as the boy’s father came out to greet the wealthy land owner.

The wealthy land owner explained that he understood the pride of the farmer’s position and respected his convictions. However, there was one thing that the farmer could not give his son and that was an education. The wealthy land owner proposed to pay for the poor farmer’s sons education as far as he wanted to proceed. The farmer thought about it and realized that as prideful as he was it was true that he could not pay for his education. He reluctantly agreed and thanked the wealthy landowner for his kindness and generosity.


The poor farmer’s son went on to graduate from high school with high honors and then off to college. After college he proceeded on to medical school and became a physician and microbiologist. The son of the farmer went on to discover penicillin in 1928 and eventually receive a Nobel Prize for his discovery. His name, Sir Alexander Fleming.

Years later the son of the wealthy land owner became violently sick. The only thing that saved his life… penicillin. His name… Sir Winston Churchill.