Our Beautiful Daughter

Our daughter, Chelsea, was born March 21st, 1996. As most of you can attest, children are one of the greatest gifts you will ever experience. I am writing this blog today because I think it’s important to let her know how special she is to me and how much I love her.

Chelsea was born in San Rafael, California. On some level she still romanticizes about that time, that home, and all that is associated with the best part of growing up. I remember planting over a hundred tulips in the garden outside our living room. We’d roll the stroller out side to sit next to a makeshift table as my dad and Kathy’s dad would bask in the love for their granddaughter, as grandparents do.

Chelsea has her mom’s heart and my sense of humor. This, coupled with a rapier wit makes Chelsea a wonderful conversationalist. Well, as fate would have it Kathy took Chelsea to Colorado to live with her grandmother and learn the Inn business. Fran, Kathy’s mom, had a very successful Inn in Evergreen Colorado. At that time I was bound and determined to start an Inn of my own in the gold country of California.

With my dad’s help I opened the All Seasons Groveland Inn (which still functions today) in 1998. I remember at the opening Chelsea was dancing in the driveway to the delight of the patrons that came to see this old Victorian turned into a magical place. During that time Kathy and I decided to go our separate ways which proved to be challenging to say the least.

As Chelsea grew up there were bumps in the road but Chelsea has the heart of a champion and persevered through the obstacles that helped build her character. Fast forward to college and Chelsea graduated from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (pre-law). Before she graduated we found out about a program that enabled students to pick a University they’d like to attend for a year outside of the state they live in for the same tuition as though she lived in that state. Surprisingly she chose my alma mater, Chico State, in California.

Chelsea ended up living in the same dorm (Craig Hall) I lived in when I went to Chico State. As many do, Chelsea fell in love with Chico and found her best friend there, Syd. After graduating from University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Chelsea and Syd went on an amazing trip to Europe. They both had saved for their “European Vacation” and were excited to go on the adventure.

Chelsea ended up falling in love with Germany. Many are afraid to follow their dreams and end up wondering, “What if?” Not Chelsea… she went to Germany and became quite proficient in the language. She loved it there but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that Chelsea had found and adopted a couple years before the most amazing dog named Floyd.

Missing the dog (her grandmother was taking care of) she made her way back to the states to see Floyd. I’m sure she missed her family too but I have to admit that big Great Pyrenees, Floyd, melts the hearts of all those he comes in contact with.

Chelsea applied to law schools when she came back and was accepted by the Northern School of Law in (yes you guessed it) Chico. Now she starts another chapter going to law school so eventually she can provide free advice to those in her family that supported her along the way…. or at least a discount.