Oven Roasted Salmon Salad, PAZAZ™ STYLE!

The weather is starting to heat up, so lets kick it up a notch. Today I will give you a recipe I created for late spring moving into the sweltering summer. This dish will provide you with the panache you are looking for and help you when you put your hands on your hips and say, “What the hell am I going to cook tonight?”

First of all only use wild caught salmon (available at Trader Joe’s) and organic ingredients best accessed from Whole Foods.

Oven Roasted Salmon Salad

      • 4 Four Ounce Wild Caught Salmon
      • 1 bunch Organic Red Beets
      • 1 bunch Multi-Colored Carrots
      • 1 bunch basil
      • 1 Eight ounce container Organic Butter Lettuce
      • 1 Goat Cheese
      • 1 container Cashews
      • 1 Organic Avocado
      • 1 Organic Container Mirepoix (Onion, Carrot, Celery) already chopped
      • 1 Low Fat Lemon Yogurt (Trader Joes)
      • 1 container Mango Salsa
      • 1 Cranberry/Pear Vinegar (Solvang Olive Press)
      • 1 Lemon Oil (Trio Carmel)
      • 1 Pineapple Vinegar (Trio Carmel)
      • 1 Garlic Oil (Trio Carmel)
      • 1 Blueberry Vinegar (Trio Carmel)
      • Madeira
      • 2 lettuce molds (6 inch Round Metal forms)


      1. First, peel and boil beets until semi soft to the touch
      2. Cool Beets and marinate in Blueberry Vinegar vinegar
      3. Peal raw Organic Multi-Colored Carrots into ribbons and marinate in Pineapple Vinegar
      4. Pan Sear (2 minutes) Wild Caught Salmon in Lemon Oil and flame with Madeira
      5. Finish with Mirepoix for extra flavor
      6. Place Salmon without mirepoix on PAZAZ™ Cooling Rack on top of PAZAZ™Baking Mat inside of Baking Sheet Pan PAZAZ™ and bake for 5 minutes at 350 degrees
      7. Assemble dressing for salad (2 parts Cranberry/Pear to 1 part Garlic Oil)
      8. Place chilled beets sliced into rounds on bottom of mold
      9. Then add Salad mixed with goat cheese, cashews, and remaining raw mirepoix
      10. Put one small layer of lemon yogurt over 4 ounce Wild Caught Salmon
      11. Place Wild Caught Salmon on top of Lettuce
      12. Place 2 sliced pieces of Organic Avocado over Wild Caught Salmon
      13. Over Avocado place Mango Salsa
      14. Garnish with Basil Leaf
      15. Finish plate by scattering Organic Multi-Colored Carrots over plate like confetti

Special Notes:

1. Out of respect for the “Pandemic” the chef must super glue a 6 foot broom handle to his or her abdomen, this will insure social distancing.

2. All guests and the chef during this whole social affair must wear motorcycle helmets for their own protection (open shield insert food, close shield). This will insure no germs, coughing or other infectious air will contaminate said environment.

3. You must (and this is very important) wear baking mitts so that there will be absolutely no contact.

4. Finally you will have to hire another person dressed in a hazmat suit to feed you.

Enjoy the recipe and remember to pair a great Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, or Riesling with the Organic Salmon Salad.

This blog is dedicated to my Dad. Today was his birthday.