Passage… PAZAZ™ Style!

There are different corridors we travel to get to our final destination. These corridors are usually influenced by people, places, and jobs. Around this corner fraught with the obstacles of change are adventures that create our spatial consciousness, or our real-world awareness about real-world phenomena and processes.

Beyond the hyperbole that drones on in the form of media directives, marketing mail, billboards and the like… we actually learn through the experiences of life that tend to shape our internal message. This message is the spark that lights the fuse for exploring the foundations of literature, culture, music, and the history of “Why?”

This education begins to shape the corridor we take. The right of passage becomes an on-going hike past or through obstacles that try to hinder this passage to the peaceful serenity we so deserve. Literature expands our horizons through the intellectual process of discovery. This cultural discovery helps us understand the foundation of civilizations interwoven into this is our love of music which helps us understand (in many cases) societal evolution.

The history of “Why?” becomes an anthropological journey both physical and cultural that points to the foundation of fact. These facts buried in the anals of history morph into the reason “Why?” cultures evolve into their current state of affairs. Along the way all cultures assimilate into other cultures or become dogmatic in their protection of their customs and beliefs.

Our passage in life becomes a tribute to the resources we’ve employed to make the decisions that craft our destiny. This passage is a stage coach ride based upon our own evolutionary growth in many cases because of the people we associate with and the books we read.

Our sensory experiences can include the spiritual message of the Bible, the Quaran, Buddha, or any other teachings that expand the horizon of self awareness. In these examples the truth related to spirituality may be quite different from yours. My passage into enlightenment only comes through the analysis of these teachings and expanding my vista of perception through thought provoking contrasts of consciousness. This journey opens a door that leads to a passage of enlightenment. Through that door that connects the heart with the mind we can grow as a person enriched by the knowledge of discovery.

In life’s directive into different levels of passage we go from the playful mind set of simplicity to the more complicated passage into responsibility, relationships and jobs. This trifecta of passage becomes a time line based upon age and circumstance. These circumstances are typically options that offer a path given multiple choices. Choose one path and obstacles appear while another path might be clear sailing.

Whatever the path, our passage is a test that builds our character and gets more complicated as time goes on. As we seek true happiness we follow our dreams to the end of the rainbow… realizing towards the end, the most important part of our passage is to love and be loved in return.