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I created this brand, PAZAZ™ just over a year ago. The process prior to that took me through a learning curve that included but was not limited to Sales People, Manufacturers, Custom Brokers, Patent Attorney, Selling Platforms, Shipping, Accountant, and of course the all important Marketing.

When I thought of and created the brand I wanted something that spoke about a magical experience that helps author a special event. I enlisted the help of “Design Contest” to craft the logo. I told artists around the world what I wanted my product to say without being able to talk. This helped me to analyze the dialogue I wished to communicate, through the design of a logo, and thus formulate the brand image I wanted to fabricate.

The product itself was an exorcise in communicating dimensions, quality, and the all important integrity of this PAZAZ™ brand. I went through one hundred manufacturers, drilled that down to twenty and eventually five that sent me samples. Each product had its own challenges which included but were not limited to the grueling tests of repeated heat and cold application, and of course withstanding the dishwasher.

After all that attention to quality based upon my own extreme tests I was able to decide upon a manufacturer that checked all the boxes. The reason I’m telling you all this is quite simple. I have enlisted the help of a gentlemen that I’ve worked with before to market my brand. His name is Ravyn and he is an amazing person that is helping me film a video for all of you to enjoy.

This video incorporates not only a short introduction about my background in food and beverage, a couple recipes from my cookbook (which is included with the purchase of any of my PAZAZ™ products), and my PAZAZ™ table set up for wine pairing with these recipes. As a special surprise I have a treat I believe you will really enjoy.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you that have already purchased my PAZAZ™ products on Amazon, E-Bay, or at my web site, And for those that haven’t I can promise you one thing… if you need exceptional kitchen tools that will enhance your experience in the kitchen…you’ve come to the right place!

The Bundle (All Three Products) The Way To Go!

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