Pazaz ™ is Timing and that is Everything

From the timing of life’s events to the simple execution of a recipe, timing is everything. I reflect over the course of my life and I see the daily changes that are magnified by the choices I’ve made. This, in almost every case, has to do with either an opportunity lost or a positive moment seized.

A planned positive result is realized by the hard work we put in to line up that event so that the outcome leads us to a calculated win. In the culinary arts we read and execute a recipe that becomes a statement about the many experiences that led us to prepare that dish. I have found that creating layers of flavors entices the recipient to enjoy the many facets of sweet, savory, spicy, combined with textures that intrigue and delight.

No recipe can be executed without calculating the timing that marry’s the ingredients into a cohesive dish. It’s interesting how this formula translates to a series of simple and seemingly unconnected dots that connect into a picture that becomes a vision for success.

When I was a kid I was introduced to building model cars. At first I’d build and paint the outside of the car, put it together, and put it on my shelf. Later I realized that to undertake this task and complete it effectively I had to add the engine. Not because the car actually functioned but because the integrity of the experience was not completely realized. Painstakingly I would assemble those small parts that eventually helped me somewhat understand the inner workings of the engine. Of course without the engine this model was just a shell without the drive.

Without the glue and the proper tools to complete the building of the model it would have been virtually impossible to finish the task. That coupled with the understanding of how the parts fit together and the proper way to assemble the car was an integral part of success.

As we assemble recipes we must follow the steps to perfect the timing that will infuse the flavors perfectly… this is the art. The timing is enhanced by the conductive properties of the PAZAZ ™ products. The PAZAZ ™ non-stick silicone baking mat, heavy duty baking sheet pan, and the cooling rack work together and functions like the glue that holds the recipe together.

The car without the engine is the recipe without the steps being followed in order to execute the timing that is necessary to maintain the integrity of the dish.