PAZAZ™ Pans, Baking Mats, and Cooling Racks… Oh MY!

pazaz baking pan cooling rack

As we prepare ourselves for the onslaught of the Holidays our attention turns to the ingredients that make these days so special. Of course it’s the combination of family, friends, social events, and the sometimes overlooked humanitarian thoughts that propel us to become better people.

86 days, 12 hours, 46 minutes and 51 seconds left until Christmas. That is the countdown as I write this blog to promote my PAZAZ™ products for the holidays. All of these holidays have one thing in common… baking and preparing food, which creates an unparalleled connection to family and friends around these wonderful, very special, once a year occasions.

Whether its baking or preparing savory items the PAZAZ™ Silicone Baking Mat, Heavy Duty Baking Sheet Pan, or the Steel Mesh Cooling Rack can launch your recipes into success. Release the stress of timing your recipes based upon inferior kitchen tools. Prepare exact time honored dishes with the confidence that the connectivity between the heat and the dish are conducted evenly and seamlessly to propel you to the kind of success you deserve.

Before I launched these products I received samples from over twenty manufacturers out of one hundred contacted. I then had a check list of what is important to me in baking and preparing both sweet and savory dishes. This list included but was not limited to testing each sample through a series of rigorous tasks designed to test both the heat conductivity, durability, longevity, extreme heat and cold flashing, and the ease of cleaning said products.

In addition to the above criteria I had others test and comment on size, convenience, and results of preparing both savory and sweet products. After months of testing and analyzation I drilled the choices down to five manufacturers that represented through reviews and personal contact the semblance of organization, ease of communication, and the immediate follow-through required for excellent customer service.

If you purchase the PAZAZ™ bundle of all three products in the next thirty days I will also send you a Go-Comb (sixteen dollar value) as my way of saying thanks for your support. PAZAZ™ represents a small business dedicated to quality and enriched by excellent customer service. Bring back “The Magic of Cooking!” with PAZAZ ™ and thank you in advance for your support!