Pazaz Store Policies

Policies At PAZAZ

Our Customer Service Policy is simple:

Provide the best custom-made products backed by a brand that stands for quality and then service those customers that support our brand.

If there is any issue or problem with our product simply contact me, Jack, and I will satisfy your questions or concerns. If any product is damaged during shipping I will simply replace it and send you another one.

I’ve found companies that speak more about customer service are the very ones that place you on hold with elevator music. They do this while breaking up the music to tell you how important your call is.

Treat people as you would want to be treated and honor their purchase with an unparalleled quality that honors the brand I’ve created. Purchasing products online should be convenient, simple, and full of such a positive surprise, exceeding your expectations, that you must tell others about PAZAZ.

Please contact me by email at