Please Give to Those that Need our Help

Normally I take this time to weave into my blog something about PAZAZ ™ kitchen products. However, as we witness the devastation from wildfires, gunfire, and the growing divide between Americans we should step back and listen.

Listen to your heart as you offer a hand to help those less fortunate. Listen to your heart because you know that giving is the greatest gift this holiday season. Listen to your heart by offering encouragement through random acts of kindness. This will elevate your spirit while we are bombarded with the constant negative news loop everyday.

There is no country that gives more to others then Americans. We are the benchmark for philanthropy through-out the world and this spirit is on full display when there are hardships endured by others. As I write this blog I have never seen anything like the fires that have spread through-out California.

I grew up in California. Witnessing the fires that have displaced thousands from Malibu, Santa Barbara, Santa Rosa, and Paradise is something that can only be described as cataclysmic. This is the time Americans need to stand up, put our differences aside, and be counted on to help those people that have lost everything.

Having grown up in Northern California and attended Chico State University, I am quite familiar with Paradise California. Located in Butte County in the Sierra Nevada Foothills above the northeastern Sacramento Valley I have spent time in that beautiful town which holds many fond memories.

I can’t believe the whole town is gone. Take time this Holiday Season to reflect on the things that are truly important so that we can become better for all those that need our spirit to lift them from the sadness that comes with loss.

Here are a few of the Organizations to donate to:

The Red Cross (specify where you want your funds to go)

The CCF Wildfire Relief Fund

The United Way

The Humane Society in the town you wish to donate to

Baby2Baby (works to get items needed for children affected by the fires in California)

Direct Relief (provides resources to healthcare agencies and first responders)

Humanity is the human race. We can raise the social aspect of humanity by giving and caring for those who need our assistance. By doing so we just made our community a better place to live.