Set The Table, PAZAZ™ Style

First I will address the setting of the table for Thanksgiving. Then I will delve into the metaphorical side of this discussion providing an introspective look into setting the table for your life.

When setting the table for your Thanksgiving Feast it is important to decide what type of experience you are going to offer. Will it be the “Every man for himself” dive into the trough i.e. buffet style. That is where you set up the dishes in the kitchen and let the carnage begin.

Will it be “Family Style”? This is when you offer platters of food dispensed on the actual table you will be feasting? Then, everyone either patiently waits for the platters to gain momentum to eventually circle the table or one “Lucky Soul” is in charge of the allocation allotted for said feast participants allowing extra time for those whom are picky, to dispense the culinary instructions.

“No I want white meat, not so much dressing, could I have extra gravy, oh no, that’s too much food”. The correct response is to of course respectfully submit to these requests with one hand dolling out the food while you are quickly grabbing the goblet of wine to be procured into your gullet to dull the pain of this once a year holiday exercise.

The last way to enjoy this lovely Thanksgiving Holiday centered around food, friends, and family is to plate the different dishes onto an entree plate that will satisfy the exhaustive repetition of seconds while providing enough sustenance to quaff even the most ravenous appetite.

In this Thanksgiving scenario the table should be set with a napkin ring wrapped around the napkin centered on the table cloth aligned with the center of the chair to whom the place setting is in front of. To the left is the dinner fork and then the salad fork placed in the outside position. To the right is the dinner knife, steak knife, and spoon on the outside. Glass wear should be placed as follows: Water glass inside knife, champagne glass at forty five degree angle followed by white wine glass, and pinot glass. Pinot Noir is the appropriate choice for this delicate Turkey as you want to compliment the flavors and not wack them in the head with too big a red wine.

As the above description suggests there is more to preparing a dinner for the holidays then meets the eye.

As with dinners “Setting the Table for your life” is another dimension or facet of enjoying a fruitful, satisfying, and productive life. Life is a chess match that requires a certain amount of knowledge, luck, and planning to achieve your desired goal. Two things I know for sure:

1. At the end of your life I don’t think you’d say, “I wish I worked more”.

2. If your money isn’t working for you while you are earning it then that beautiful phrase “Income beyond your time and effort” will only be a mirage.

Money is simply a tool to provide the type of living you deserve. Vacations and more time with your family and friends is the result of planning to live the type of life many only dream of. Enjoy the fleeting time we have on this planet so that you can have time to enjoy what truly matters… giving the best part of you to create a loving and memory filled existence… “To do what many won’t to live a life that many can’t.”