Sojourns Across the Chasm

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A couple days ago I began another journey. This travel will take me to several of the people I care most about.

Chico is the town I went to college in. It holds a special place in my heart. Now, many years later my daughter Chelsea is graduating and receiving her masters degree. Of course I am very proud of her.

During her time in Colorado she attended the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and graduated with a pre-law degree. Chelsea was able to take advantage of a program during that time that gave her the ability to attend my alma mater.

Ironically she lived in the same dorm one floor below the exact room I stayed in when I attended Chico many years before. The WUE interstate tution discount program enabled her to receive credit for classes taken piggy-backed onto her existing units taken at UCCS.

Now, after attending the California Northern School of Law she stands ready to accept the fruits of her labor. What a wonderful ending to a scholastic career. Now the hard work begins to determine the next part of her journey through life. This,  away from the purse strings and to a large degree the net that has been provided for her for many years.

After I celebrate Chelsea’s achievement I will proceed from Chico to San Rafael California. This is the home town I largely grew up in and acknowledge as my birthplace. My trip to Marin County will be a combination of joy and sorrow.

The joy will be seeing some people I have not seen in decades along with staying with my best friend, John Greene. I will be attending a celebration of life for John’s mom, Joanne Holt Greene.

Joanne Greene I considered a dear friend. She always made me feel right at home, hosting wonderful parties always with a smile and a beautiful laugh that echoed through-out her home.

Now, one of the last of the old gaurd is gone. We are the older gaurd taking cues from our parents to enjoy the fruits of their and our labor. It is a time to be introspective.  We go down memory lane remembering the best of those times we spent with those we will never see again. It is a heart-felt journey that encompasses the emotional roller-coaster of specific moments that brought us closer to those we will never forget.

A trip like this feels like looking into an hour glass as the sands slowly move to the end of our journey. There are many people on this trip I will never see again. I don’t take this lightly as each person I will spend time with holds a special place in my heart. Every conversation I will play back for the rest of my life like a scene from a movie one frame at a time.

This time capsule I will replay to enhance the joy I feel when I live in the frame of mind of spatial consciousness. That is to be aware of my surroundings adding to the experience and realizing my position relative to those I engage.  I am so blessed to see those I have not seen in so long and to be able to enjoy thoroughly all I will converse with on this beautiful sojourn into the past.