Spring has Sprung

It’s beautiful to watch the changing of the seasons. When you experience four seasons it seems we really appreciate the many different flora and fauna that pass our way.

Each season highlights the migratory patterns of the turkeys, elk, deer, and a myriad of other animals, birds, and insects. The preparation for each season is highlighted by the sky clearing or clouding over to reveal rain, snow, stars, the moon, or the sunlight that exposes all.

As Spring approaches and blooms into flowers of various colors I am reminded of the pallet God paints. Bright yellow Lupin flowers engage the landscape which explodes into the exodus of winter.

I watch the turkeys with their matting dances that occur during the spring months. The flowering tails of the tom turkeys as they attempt to allure the hens is a beautiful exhibition of theater. The tom turkeys typically have a harem of many hens they lead around their territory.

The gobbling sound of the turkeys ward off other turkeys and make humans aware of their presence. In the silence that surrounds us we hear their calls along with the deer and sometimes the elk.

This wild kingdom is short lived as each species has a relatively short shelf life. Somewhere between 4-6 years is the average life span. However, in their glory they can fly, jump, or run with an uncanny athleticism.

Prior to living in Idaho I had never seen a wild turkey. Their skinny legs and imposing wing span are a contradiction in anatomical proportion. As they weave their way through the brush and timberland it seems they are very wary of predators or unwelcome humans.

There is an abundance of plants for these herbivores to feast on. From the tall grass, flowers that bloom in waves, or even the plants unsuspecting humans plant for beauty… only to see them devoured.

Brown ferns have shed their winter cloak wielding a green blanket of beauty. Now the weather is gradually changing from temperatures in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s to the much preferred 60’s and 70’s.

It really seems like a heat wave when we feel the warmth of spring that sends winter away. However, in Idaho, because of the complicated topography of the land, the weather can change in a heartbeat.

From sun, to clouds, to rain, the day is filled with a brush stroke of uncertainty.  It’s difficult to know how to dress… but the magic of the colors in the sky make the question of dress a moot point. A temperature swing of maybe 10 degrees is not enough for drastic measures.

Spring is the season of dramatic change. Each month as we edge towards summer provides us with blankets of different colored wildflowers. Yellow lupin disappear as bluets, lobelia, and larkspur cover the meadows with their blue color and almost honeysuckle scent.

This is the perfect season for hiking. The smell of winter is still in the air which provides a canopy of cool with temperatures in the reasonable range between 65 and 80. Around the corner is the month for boating, swimming, and other water sports.

Spring is the unveiling of the shroud of winter. Blooming of everything is beautiful yet unnerving for those that have allergies. I hear the echoes of sneezes and the cacophony of noses blowing their trumpet song. This, across the canyon we look to with few homes, but many noses.

This season is the season for planting vegetable and herb gardens. It’s also the season for pulling weeds to make room for the plants that unfortunately don’t grow like weeds.

Today we are pulling weeds. I think back to sitting on a hill with my dad pulling weeds and thinking of any excuse to extricate myself from that dreaded chore. We did have some wonderful conversations that I look back on and miss. It’s funny how time changes our perspective on life.

Anyway, life is a collection of events that shape our present circumstance. Each step we take seems like a small journey towards our future. But, just like the changing of the seasons we can enjoy the expedition and look to what lays ahead.