Start Living… Quit Worrying!

This recent enigma that has draped humanity in the fog of uncertainty is simply a social test. The test challenges many different aspects of life.

It tests our ability to withstand monetary confusion and diminished (in many cases) earnings, social isolation, our proclivity for the comfort of routine, and our patience to deal with those we love and those we don’t know. Through-out this massive social experiment many have lost their way.

Isn’t it just as easy to look to the positive aspects of this “Pandemic” as it is to look under the heavy umbrella of fear and closure? We are at a crossroads in the game of life looking down a path never traveled. This path can either make us stronger and more resilient or cripple our sense of direction.

It seems to me that we are at our best when we are all working together to find a way back to what was our way of life. This story will dissipate into the annuals of history simply to be replaced by another media frenzied storm capturing our attention and diverting us from living our lives to the fullest.

The positive aspects may far out-weigh the negative as we weather this virus storm.

Here are the top ten reasons why we should all stay positive:

        1. The world is a cleaner place.
        2. Traffic has diminished.
        3. Those we dislike are sequestered in their homes.
        4. I can finally sleep more than six hours.
        5. Netflix series can be watched in their entirety.
        6. Countries have stopped fighting each other and now concentrate on their own people’s welfare.
        7. Sushi rolls at our favorite restaurant are now 50% off (curbside).
        8. Friends you haven’t talked to in years are now concerned about your well being.
        9. Home cooked meals are now the rule and not the exception.
        10. Humor has displaced annoyance as the number one interaction.

If in this whole dilemma we are (according to the media) powerless to protect ourselves then we have a couple options. One is to live each moment with those we love and care about with renewed exuberance and commitment. Or, we can take the alternative route and live in fear and trepidation allowing this enigma to control every aspect of our lives.

Perhaps writing, singing, playing an instrument, or simply immersing ourselves in peace and quiet is the answer. It is time to reconnect with ourselves to find the value in others to live a life that exceeds our expectations while nurturing every aspect of whats really important… living.

Quite worrying about those things you can’t control, put on the big boy/girl pants, and dance like no ones watching!