Teamwork and the Magic of PAZAZ™

kitchen teamwork with pazaz premium bakeware
Throughout history the most successful endeavors which include but are not limited to the military, business, or sports are the ones that morph individuals into a cohesive team that works as one to achieve a common goal.

Militarily branches and “teams” are responsible for the very freedoms we enjoy today. The Seals, Rangers, The Green Berets, and dozens of other branches of our armed forces train to perfect the most effective way to combat threats. Teamwork increases the advantage in every form of military unit, business, and sport.

In business, Hewlett Packard started as two men working to create technical solutions to devices and then sell to business and the public… this brand began in a garage. Jobs and Wozniak (founders of Apple) wanted to change the way people viewed computers, small enough to use in their homes or business. Now Apple demonstrates a world wide presence that encompasses a variety of devices that have become the standard for a social and economic paradigm shift.

An Austrian born American chef, Wolfgang Puck’s notoriety began in 1982 when he opened Spago in Los Angeles. His team began assembling a like minded group of top quality restaurant management and staff to become a hospitality juggernaut. Involved in over 100 restaurants, retail operations, and catering, his legacy however involves perhaps his greatest vision, bringing world class restaurants to Las Vegas.

In this masterful stroke of genius he supplanted the buffet with top flight restaurants and now food, beverage, and entertainment has netted more revenue for hotel/casinos then gambling.

Within the orchestration of these team concepts comes that one absolute. Without the proper tools to succeed these different tasks that government and entrepreneurial ventures attempt would be virtually impossible to execute without the magic ingredients or the highest quality tools to overcome the obstacles encountered.

When you began to create a team to prepare a dish in the kitchen it is vitally important to incorporate the highest quality kitchen tools on the market today. Bring PAZAZ ™to the kitchen and the use of our Silicone Non-Stick Baking Mat, Steel Mesh Cooling Rack, and the Heavy Duty Aluminum Baking Sheet Pan will bring the “Magic of Cooking” to a dinner that ultimately becomes a memory.

The teamwork I speak of is you and the products that PAZAZ ™ provides. Be it in a restaurant or at home our success in the kitchen will be greatly enhanced by the PAZAZ ™ bundle of products.

These PAZAZ ™products work together as one in a team effort to create a magical moment that brings a smile to the faces of all those that sample our very special culinary creations. With PAZAZ ™in your kitchen success is now a given as preparedness and opportunity meet.