Thanksgiving, PAZAZ™ Style!

This is a time when we give thanks for all those we love, all that which is provided for us, and most importantly our health… because without that, all else can’t be enjoyed to its fullest.

Typically this holiday is the most food-centric holiday we enjoy. It is also unique in that it is the one time of year that certain foods we eat are only (for the most part) consumed on this holiday. Turkey and pumpkin pie come to mind along with the perfect pairing of a wine, Beaujolais nouveau.

Beaujolais nouveau is released right before Thanksgiving and is a wine that will only last for six months made from the Gamay grape. This wine is relatively inexpensive, light in character with notes of raspberry and cherry, perfect to be paired with turkey and all its fixings. Serve this wine slightly chilled and you will enjoy a wonderful nuanced pairing that brings festive to the festivities. There is really only one winemaker to purchase this wine from and that is George Duboeuf, the King of Beaujolais.

When I was a little boy my mom would spend all day preparing the Thanksgiving meal. She would have everything measured and ready to put together into a wonderful expression of her love for us. I miss the parade of dishes making there way to the table as the smells (that remind me of her and that very special time) wafted into the air creating a sensory memory that will live on for as long as forever is. To this day I still wax poetically about those times which were so simple, so beautiful, and so innocent.

This was also an exciting time because of the history we learned along with arts and crafts we made at school. Putting cloves in an apple that enhanced the smell of the room is a scent I will always associate with Thanksgiving and Christmas. This simple exercise seemed to me like we were inventing the wheel. The beauty of that creation was its simplicity and the smiles erupting on the faces of my parents. I didn’t realize until I was a parent how precious a gift made by your child could be. That gift, and also snow flakes cut from construction paper of all colors (as taught by our teachers), were another go to for the holidays. I was a little bummed that my snow flakes weren’t as perfect as some of the other kids until the teacher reminded us that there are no two snowflakes alike… talk about poetic license!

At home the setting of the table in all its glory was a very special treat. That is when the fine China reared its head and my dad would pontificate about the origins of said China and its relevance to each descendant of the Jenkins family. That brings me to the real point of this blog… tradition.

Through-out our lives we live in a place that pays homage to tradition. Tradition is about family and the peace and joy we feel when we are surrounded by those we love. Couple that with time honored events that are passed down from generation to generation, and that is when we live within the season that focuses on the best of what humanity offers…”Tidings of Comfort and Joy”.