The Art of Finding that Very Special Dining Experience

When engaged in finding that vacation spot that will promote that “Ah Ah” moment you must weave together the daily activities that brings the final meal of the day into a beautiful crescendo.

In major cities that are known for their art, music, theatre, and of course dining, there is a myriad of experiences that can accentuate the flavor of that city. In New York it is Central Park, the museums, Broadway, Carnegie Hall, 3 star Michelin restaurants, world class hotels, and a vast array of restaurants fashioned for every different taste on the planet.

In Boston it is traveling inside an historical picture wherever you walk. The Boston Harbor with historical drama’s highlighting the Boston tea party. As you walk past the parks with countless monuments honoring the revolutionary war there is a feeling of pride and a wonderful connection with the past. Then there is the gas lamp district which has gas lamp poles, quaint shops all adorned with hand-crafted wooden signs and a still functional butcher shop that was once frequented by Julia Childs.

Chicago embraces its past with an architectural boat cruise, Wrigley Field, the Willis Tower, and the Clarke house described as the oldest surviving house in Chicago. Beyond that there is the comedy of Second City, the Winters Jazz club, the legendary Harry Caray, deep dish pizza, the Chicago hot dog, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Al Capone.

The city I grew up near, San Francisco is now the culinary capital of the US. This beautiful city has the Golden Gate Bridge, the number one photographed man made structure in the United States. Then there are the iconic hotels on Nob Hill, the winding Lombard Street, Golden Gate Park, and more Michelin rated restaurants then any other city in the U.S.

This brings me to the title of this blog. When researching your destination and what you’d like to witness, be apart of, experience, there is no better way to end the day than engrossing yourself in the culinary joy of a beautiful meal. Now we have menu’s printed on line, reviews, and historical information about the restaurant and of course the chef.

For every type of cuisine we can look to their sources for acquiring the freshest produce, fish, and wonderful meat selections. One thing I must caution you and that is the fact that if you are dealing with world class chefs anything is possible in the realm of acquiring produce, fish, meat, or anything associated with food. The relationships are key to the link between the chef and the purveyors. I always tell the guests at Jean George Steakhouse, it’s funny you have to come to the desert for the best shellfish in the world.

Check the menu first, then reviews, then atmosphere, and finally the key components:

Chef, ownership, and length of time in business. Also, how far the restaurant is located from where you’re staying. The best idea is to Uber it or cab it to your hotel or home. Then enjoy that rare dining experience that creates a memory you will never forget.

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