The Beginning of a New Culinary Journey, PAZAZ™ Style!

As most of you know I have been involved in the culinary arts for decades. I have witnessed some of the most artistic and delicious dishes created by chefs revered around the world. I have had the distinct pleasure of serving these dishes to Hollywood stars, famous political figures, sports stars, and millionaires. But my greatest joy comes from those that wish to be taken on a culinary journey based on trust, experience, and their own wishes to be taken to a place they’ve never been.

Of course, these culinary dinning experiences have (for the most part) centered around fish, meat, pork, lamb, and a myriad of expressions based upon those ingredients. Up until recently, honestly, I hadn’t given much, if any thought, to the health properties of the food I was serving. I was just happy to see the expressions on the faces of those I took care of leave happy, satisfied, and wanting to come back for more.

I believe that the few people left in the service industry that truly care about the service they provide, and the experience the guest is looking for, search for the answer to the question which is, “How can I provide an experience by which all others would be judged ?” This question is simply answered with the retort, “You can teach people the nuts and bolts of the restaurant business but you can’t teach them to care.” That is an inherent quality which separates the typical server from the great ones.

As my journey in the industry of food and beverage (that I have loved so dearly), slowly comes to an end, I am enthused about the next part of the expedition, which is on the not so distant horizon. As you know the most important part of life (especially as you grow older) is your health.

Nothing in life is possible to experience completely without good health. Diet and exercise become an integral part of the “golden years” moving forward. That is why, as Nancy and I move (for part of the year) to Idaho, I am compelled to write a cook book. This cookbook will focus on recipes that will honor your health, make you feel vibrant and alive while being prepared in a simple and time affective manner.

The last heart doctor to address diet with me simple stated, “Don’t eat anything with four legs.” Well as it turns out if I listened to this doctor (whom is basically saying you can eat chicken and fish), within a couple years I would be right back in the CCU (Critical Care Unit). Only this time I don’t think I’d make it out alive. That is how important what I’m telling you about exercise and especially diet is to me.

Simplicity in understanding the commitment to going vegan is really just the start to this process. Get the book if you’re interested called, “The Starch Solution” authored by Dr. John A. McDougall and Mary McDougall. Just to be completely transparent, becoming vegan requires a great deal more effort than the average person is willing to commit to. Vegans must be industrious:

They must shop and read menus carefully, as well as passing up tempting food in situations where they are hungry and the options are limited.

“The Starch Solution” provides intuitive information backed by scientific proof that shows you how to reclaim your life while enjoying your favorite foods. You will come to understand that the very same solution that helps you also benefits the environment.

With a simple U-turn in your diet this will bring back in line the very building blocks that will provide the strength and health components to lose weight, feel better, save money, and help the environment all in one fell swoop.

The beautiful part to this process are the creative ways that plant based foods can be crafted to create meals that both satisfy and delight your culinary cravings. Pastas, potatoes, new veggie burger creations, burritos, enchiladas, and a myriad of other products can be woven into an amazing display of tasty, gratifying, healthy meals.

Lets begin the vegan journey together so that we can enjoy our future health together, on the beaches of the world.


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