The Pendulum Swings

Those of you that are sports fans are probably perplexed that your once safe bastion of pleasure has now been hijacked by the very white noise we tried to escape. Politicizing sports for the benefit of those that only look to divide this country further has certainly reached a fevered pitch.

I always thought that sports benefit the political machine. As we’re watching a home run, a three pointer, or a touchdown, certain politically motivated “representatives” with our “best” interests in mind could pass bills that were driven by lobbyists and their own special interests. These lobbyists, (they claim have no power) are then given real power to control the political narrative of the very people we voted for sworn to protect us.

If you haven’t noticed our country is fighting for its constitutional life behind the “required”

mask of oppression. This, while being destroyed from within by a power grabbing agenda that will do anything to gain the votes needed to change the direction of our great nation. I have never seen this kind of ruthless attack in my lifetime that would sacrifice the freedoms we hold so dear while controlling the media to further their message of racism and marginalization.

For those of you that know me you know that I am an avid sports fan. I have always loved the 49er’s, Giants, and Warriors. The connection I have felt to those iconic sports franchises has driven my passion for decades. Living in the bay area I have gone to many professional football, baseball, and basketball games.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure then to sit and watch from start to finish the unscripted beauty of any one of the above mentioned teams competing at the highest level to attain the goal of winning a championship. Those of us that support the afore mentioned teams can attest to the fact that over the course of the last 40 years few cities have produced as many championships as our beloved cities in the bay area.

Now the pendulum has swung to include divisive messages that seem to have been embraced by professional sports. The BLM (Black Lives Matter) flag flying at Levi stadium, the majority of athletes for the Giants and Warriors kneeling during the national anthem, and finally the talk of another anthem playing in addition to our own National Anthem. In addition to all that, college athletes in the Pack 12 are threatening to “opt out” if their demands related to the BLM Marxist agenda are not met.

The point that is not realized here is two fold:

Number one is the fact that when a narrow divisive message that is not the message of the majority is embraced as a political “football” then there will be consequences that goes beyond sport.

Number two is far more important. The fact is, our nation is under attack.

I could go into a lengthy diatribe about the reason behind the pandemic, the BLM movement, and the forces that have created this plot to change the constitution and everything it stands for.

However, those of you that can’t see it will stand by your convictions and those that can don’t need to hear the regurgitation of the facts as outlined by qualified doctors, historians, and people of color. And with that I leave you with two points:

First, I personally will no longer watch or support the very sports that don’t support “All Lives Matter”.

Secondly, what if it was music that could no longer be played because it was produced by someone that had an ancestor that possibly had slaves?

Or what if a group deemed the music offensive clinging to some obscure doctrine to make a point.

Then this censorship was embraced by the controlling political interests that have led to our current dilemma?… “The three men I admire the most, the father, son, and the holy ghost. They took the last train for the coast… the day… the music died.”