The Political Climate


Very much like the smoke and mirrors related to climate change this is a political climate that is depending on the strings being pulled on one side and attempting restraint on the other.

Here we have Donald Trump backed by a throng of loyal, patriotic followers. They hear his message of draining the swamp, upholding the constitution, and ending the divisiveness of the woke/liberal agenda.

On the other side we have an equally committed left wing group that believes in reparations for black people, teaching gender pro-nouns, and first and foremost, hating Donald Trump.

The left points to January 6th as a threat to our government orchestrated by Donald Trump and carried out as the single most egregious act of terrorism since 911. While a case could be made for this by stretching the truth like a gumby in an old cartoon. Lets first look at the event and then the cost of damages to the Capital.

The left narrative is that this “riot” disrupted a joint session of the U.S. Congress in the process of affirming the presidential election results. Even though Donald Trump called for the National Guard to be called to protect the Capital in case the demonstration got out of hand… Pelosi and the Mayor of D.C. turned down the suggestion.

Now, most people on the right believe that election fraud was committed, although it has never been proven. In the time frame provided to demonstrate this point, and the lengths taken to cover up this narrative, there is still no conclusive proof of an organized plot to change or destroy the vote. At the very least you could say that the voting system didn’t come under the necessary microscope that would dissuade the populace of thinking, something was amiss.

The “riot” or “siege” caused approximately $2,734,783 losses. During Donald Trump’s presidency, Antifa and Black Lives Matter were organized and sent out to cause over two billion dollars of damage. Although there were thousands  involved in the riots to protest the death of convicted felon George Floyd, a small portion of those have been sentenced to significant time while most  had their sentences commuted.

The two sides seem to be light years away from finding the common ground so necessary in healing the country. To further divide the country we have a complicit media favoring the message of the left. With softball questions thrown towards President Biden, the left leaning media has propped up this sad political figure to the detriment of the country.

Donald Trump’s followers are called radical right wing racists that threaten our constitutional federal republic. However, after the latest debate, the left leaning media is finally starting to question the mental acuity of the leader of the free world.

Now we have a very real constitutional situation coming into play. The 25th Amendment to the constitution has been invoked six times. These sections within the 25th Amendment were mainly called upon for medical reasons. The last time was November 19th 2021, President Joe Biden transferred presidential power to his vice president, Kamala Harris, while undergoing a colonoscopy.

Now we have come to a crossroads as Biden’s confidants are urging him to step down. They realize that his incompetent reign of ineptitude has run its course. Lets look at a few of his failures:

  1. Biden said the border crisis didn’t begin “overnight”. It actually did, the moment he took office.
  2. The average American family has lost $7,100 purchasing power under Biden due to inflation and high interest rates. This is the highest rate of inflation since the last terrible democratic president, Jimmy Carter.
  3. Biden and his administration frequently took opportunities to portray half the country as evil, anti-democratic monsters.
  4. Afghanistan symbolic withdrawal at the expense of soldiers and civilians.
  5. Piling on debt with such programs as “student loan forgiveness”.
  6. The weaponization of the DOJ, FBI, and CIA to create election interference, going after a political opponent.
  7. The Woke agenda devoted to the cult of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The federal  bureaucracy has been hard at work injecting every college campus with this insanity. The bottom line is that Biden, with the power of the federal government wants to ensure that your child will be gender transitioned whether you like it or not.
  8. Hunter Biden and his lap top being swept under the carpet. Interesting how no politician has lied more to the public about his accomplishments or events as he panders to whatever group he’s in front of.
  9. Ukraine is another example of a terrible diplomatic decision. Printing more money (as inflation soars) and sending it to a country we don’t have any responsibility for,  is ludicrous. Billions of dollars sent with no accountability to Ukraine. We see their politicians buying expensive homes in foreign countries with this money and no one saying anything about it.

Now we come to a point where section four of the 25th Amendment might be invoked because the leader of the free world is incapable of putting two sentences together. Then we may see the cackler (Kamala Harris) become president. If that doesn’t scare you (after her handling of the border crisis), I don’t know what will.