The Tapestry of Life

As time marches on we connect the dots that bring this season to life. Now I understand the beautiful smiles from my parents as they planned for the Christmas Holiday Season. Every gesture was the bountiful expression of love and the joy that produced the memories woven into the tapestry of life.

There was an extra bounce in our step when this season came along. As a child in the first grade I remember sticking cinnamon cloves into an apple to produce a scent I now always associate with Christmas.

At Deer Park elementary school the teachers were blessed with the knowledge of the past to create a present that would someday be etched in our hearts forever. We’d paint pictures of Santa or other holiday mystical figures that represented the fantasy and the power of belief that anything was possible.

We believed that if Santa could deliver gifts all over the world in a sleigh guided by a reindeer with a red nose then we could achieve anything.

It was those days that television was just beginning to be adopted by the masses. Thousands upon thousands of families around the country would gather on Sunday night for the “The Wonderful World of Disney”, hosted by Walt Disney (the creator of Disneyland and the empire that would soon be known as “Disney”).

We would all be engaged by the family stories told by the master of imagery taking us down a path that would exemplify the simplicity of the day. Christmas was Disney’s favorite time of the year because it was the perfect canvas to paint the pictures of joyful expressions he brought to life with all the charismatic and bewitching characters he created.

With technology comes convenience but seems to further distance ourselves from humanity. However, somewhere in our passing of traditions and the bright light that shines from the past we hold the magic of Christmas dear to our hearts as it is woven into the tapestry of our lives.

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