These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things… PAZAZ Style

Christmas is fast approaching and it is the time of year to give thanks for all you have, but most importantly the people you love and all those lives you can help in this season of giving. Aren’t we blessed to be in a place and time to witness the bounty of the holidays highlighted by all of the traditional festivities…

I can’t help smile when I see gingerbread houses, the festive green, red, gold, and white lights adorning Christmas trees, and the department store windows brought to life. Shinny and sparkling gifts wrapped in thick bold ribbon beckon us to open our favorite present. All of this and every imaginable candy either in gold boxes or strewn throughout magical villages with beautiful candy canes guarding our favorite Santa’s Village.

Never lose the child within. Our most important lesson this season is to not only give to those in need but also to never stop believing in the magic of things that have not yet appeared. These future gifts reveal themselves in many unexpected places if you believe in all the possibilities you deserve. Life is a Cabernet!

I remember the unbridled beauty of Nob Hill in San Francisco with the Fairmont Hotel decorated to the nines always in competition with the other “Big Three” Nob Hill classic hotels… there’s the Mark Hopkins, the Huntington, and the Stanford Court… all sitting on top of one of the most beautiful places in the world. The park in the center of Nob Hill looks like Santa’s playground. The most amazing lights, Christmas trees, surrounded by the majestic “Big Four” brings the spirit of the holidays to life.

Then there are other places like Niagara on the Lake forty miles east of Niagara Falls looking like a mirror reflecting the dreams of yester-year with cobble stone streets, whimsical store fronts all in a Victorian motif, and horse drawn carriages to take you to your next eggnog. The ballet of reality and fantasy plays to the Christmas theme in this snow globe town with ice wine flowing from the wineries that dot the landscape around the fairyland that is Niagara on the Lake.

And today we are in Lewiston Idaho standing on the threshold of a dream. Not only are we viewing the beauty of the “Locomotive Park” adorned in every color imaginable but we are also looking to the future to live in Orofino Idaho. To live in a forest, by a lake, with the sound of a creek illuminated by the vision of a “starry, starry” night.

“Flaming flowers that brightly blaze

Swirling clouds in violet haze”

A poetic insight into a vision touched by the hand of God.

And to all… a very Merry Christmas!