This Message Sent from a Rotary Phone…PAZAZ Style!

Are we in some kind of Orwellian experiment reflecting a dystopian account of a future totalitarian state? Governors of each state have created their own fiefdom as rulers that dictate our social behavior. We are being ruled, not governed, while bars are closed in some states, open in others. Restaurants open for dining inside in some locals or just take out but closed all together in others. Banks open like a shell game trying to discover the next inconsistent move as they are closed one day and open the next.

In addition to this, there are the masks, social distancing, footprints to stand in, only one way in, one way out. We are in the midst of some great social experiment to see how far we will be pushed into a corner. This, while we’re supposed to believe the Covid 19 statistics from a government that has relied on the unproven, discounted agenda, of Anthony Fauci. This man, Fauci, predicted in 2017 a pandemic during the Trump administration. This virus under all factual accounts was created in a laboratory by whom and for what purpose is becoming very clear. Create fear, distance humanity, and triumph over the will of the people. Then, throw into the mix, a divisive racial message and you have the perfect discourse to further distance us from our constitution.

Riots, people that believe the mask is worthy while others believe the opposite. Take the focus off the government and distance people further (as if technology wasn’t enough) while attempting to rely on a customer service system, that for the last thirty years, has been in steady decline.

Every state’s unemployment system is overwhelmed, banks provide no customer service, and if you are looking for a refund for travel… good luck! Where are we living? Are we seeing the onset of a socialist third world country (Venezuela) that has decided to give benefits (that in many cases) twice what many were making before? Buying votes while printing money to support unemployment handouts under the guise of a benevolent government that is only looking out for our best interests? Republican or Democrat the message of the sensible, middle of the road voter has been drowned out by a media that wants to push the narrative to fit its own agenda.

The middle has been erased and all that is left are two angry sets of voters, each one with enough vitriolic hatred to fill our once packed sports stadiums. If all of this didn’t make sense you add the voice of the angry “disenfranchised” trying to create enough wind behind the sails of a movement to “defund” the police. No protection, something for nothing… yeah… this is going to end well.

However, out of all this hope springs eternal. The hope is that our constitution and those strong, hard working Americans that support our country will rise up and put an end to this “election virus” and all that it stands for. On the other side, in this period of chiropractic adjustment, our country needs this wake up call as a stronger America will be born out of these ashes of discontent.

This message sent… from a Rotary Phone.