Unforgettable, PAZAZ™ Style!

Perhaps it was the wakening sunrise on Maui viewed from the east volcano known as Haleakala (House of the Sun), or the magenta sunset gazed upon in Uruguay from the beach in Colonia del Sacramento… those “unforgettable” moments in our lifetime that have taken our breath away.

“Unforgettable” takes on many different forms. There are the natural wonders as described above that etch a place in our memory but there are a host of other moments that are significant that cannot be dismissed as “unforgettable”.

The humanity of connection that lifts your heart to a place its never been… or the out of body experience you wish in that moment would never end. Fill in the blanks for all those wonderful moments that shrink the universe into a simple equation that fits in your breast pocket close to your heart.

It is the slide projector of life that plays each “unforgettable’ encounter, acquaintance, involvement, and participation in a reel that is called upon either when you’re awake or in a dream state that beckons an inner smile or a gasp for air. In either case we learn and take notes so that we can either duplicate or run from that episode. Sometimes, by chance, (when we live in the moment) an unsuspecting incident triggers a sequence of events that opens or closes a door. It is within that

framework we build upon our character to strengthen our resolve as we find the meaning connected to that event.

Certainly the birth of a child ranks at the top (for most) of those “unforgettable” moments. The first cry of that baby, the first time you hold your child, the first time you see your parents glow with the love for that new family member. What a wonderful moment to play back in time. That moment is especially significant as you come to realize the unconditional love your parents had for you (if you are so blessed) now transferred to that little baby.

Then there are the near death experiences. One step either way or being in the wrong place at the right time to escape by the skin of your teeth. Or, (as in my case) driving off a cliff and surviving. That was certainly an “unforgettable” moment. Then there are the first time moments that seem to be significant as discovery and exploration can lead to the promise of delight.

The first time you taste a wine from the Domaine Romanee-Conti (DRC), Kobe beef (from Japan), or the Tristen Lobster Tail from off the coast of South Africa as your taste buds explode with the delight of an experience by which all others would be judged. Now that is ‘unforgettable”!


By PSoMAS Wiafe

Why is it titled;


Will it be a poem that

Brings forth memories?

Or is it to instill

Sorrow and sadness?

Perhaps its to reflect.

To gaze into the poets


No no,

It can’t be.

Can it be to relate with us?

As we pass each other as


Doing what we know;



Sleep, and


Does it traverse deeper

then that?


Such a compelling word.

At times quite daunting.

Now back to the question

at hand.

Its nothing.

Its not a poem for one to


Not to omit feelings.

There is no purpose.

And yet I wrote and

You read until the end.

A poem of nothing.

Yes yes,

That is quite unforgettable.

The best part of things that are “unforgettable” live in our memories to garner strength, delight, and wisdom. They are the notches in life’s belt that takes us off the Ferris Wheel for that brief moment. That is when we experience the delight in our lives that makes each breath a significant step forward that leaves a footprint that will last a lifetime… Or for as long as forever is.

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