Unparalleled Beauty

There are many places in this country that afford the traveler wonderful vistas. North, East, South, and West provide a myriad of different climates, rivers, oceans, lakes, bays, creeks, mountains, forests, desert scapes and of course man’s contributions… the cities, towns, and hamlets form the domestic infrastructure that defines our local resources and the specific time frame of our cultural disposition.

Within the framework of man’s contributions we see dams, bridges, towering skyscrapers, ornate statues, and the homes that provide the introspective look into ones own psychological composition. Within this “psychological composition” we reflect the past, present, and sometimes futuristic view of what’s important to ourselves and those we love and care about.

Man’s contributions in most cases is a distinct reflection of his environment, education, and the ability to pursue endeavors despite life’s many twists and turns. As we plan for the future, depending upon our age and circumstance, we are the architect of our dreams and the craftsman that molds our life into the sculpt that shapes our legacy.

As we get older the music becomes softer, the lights become dimmer, and the pursuit of material things pales in comparison to what’s really important. Family, friends, and the appreciation of all that is beautiful steps past the technological barriers that are advertised as bringing people closer together but seem to have pushed us farther apart. People seem to be talking more but communicating less.

Recently I had the opportunity to visit a state that addresses some of the above observations. Idaho is a state that is comfortable within its own skin (not always the potato). From Coeur d’Alene, McCall, Lewiston, Boise, Moscow, and Idaho falls, the rivers are clean, the land is pristine, and most importantly the people I met reflect a refreshing attitude that realizes the importance of community.

The vast expanse of agriculture in Idaho defined as dairy products, cattle, potatoes, wheat, and hay speak to communities that rely on a network that has created teamwork going beyond the semblance of a job. This lifestyle provides for others while carving out a difficult living for themselves appreciating the values passed down from generation to generation.

As you drive through the cities in Idaho inevitably leading to the countryside one is overwhelmed with the beauty that incorporates man’s agricultural endeavors and that of nature as they co-exist within the panoramic setting that is Idaho.