Usher in the New Year with PAZAZ

2018 is almost gone and with it the experiences accumulate into memories that help weave our story into another chapter of our lives. As the page turns we reflect on our blessings and our hope that this New Year will be even better than the last.

Most of us will have it in our minds eye what changes we’d like to see in ourselves, those we love and care about, and the world around us. In addition to all that we hope and pray that we stay healthy so that we can enjoy the fruits of our labor going where we want, when we want, with whom we want.

The magic of travel and discovery can not be overstated. It is within the core of our being to be dazzled, enraptured, and humbled by the intense joy we find in stretching the boundaries of our comfort zone. It is only then that something inside of us embraces the moment we so rarely live in bringing satisfaction and understanding to our journey through life.

In all of this it must be said that part of our journey is not only the physical travel but the spiritual path widened by our connection through the communication with others. Listening to the stories and the wisdom we take from other people’s experiences enhances the moment and creates that very special memory. Sharing that instant with others brings us to the substance of discovery enriching the story and finding something within us that expands our horizons.

Making a list of things we’d like to accomplish this next year brings power to our thoughts and validity to our quest. Can we make 2019 an epic year that expands every part of our lives? There are three types of people:

      • People that make things happen.
      • People that watch things happen.
      • And people that wonder what happened?

Lets make 2019 a powerful year filled with all the possibilities we deserve enriched by the experiences that build on the story that is our life. I look forward to looking back to see how far we’ve come.

May this New Year be the best ever bringing with it the very special connection you deserve with yourself and all those you love and care about.

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