Vacations that Broaden our Horizons Final

Our final destination was a four hour drive from Laufenburg Switzerland to a small town in Germany, Oberursel.

Our final destination was an air B&B located in the heart of the German town, Oberursel. What a beautiful place! The most spacious and well maintained lodging on our entire trip. A large courtyard with a Koi pond, patio furniture, and lovely plants adorned the entrance. The kitchen was large and modern as was the entire layout. The living room had a sectional couch looking towards another courtyard on one side and a big screen TV with all the channels on the other side, facing the dining room.

There was a king size bed and plenty of storage for suit cases and apparel. Also included in this magnificent space was a washer and dryer located in a secret floor panel that opened down to a basement. Everything in the air B&B was white which included The countertops, walls, couch, bedroom, everything.

The drive to Oberursel had been so beautiful. Small villages, stone churches, lots of different colored cows we’ve not seen before. The landscape was so green and rich with grass, trees, and flowing from one village to the next were fresh water streams. Needless to say the drive went by quickly.

We had left Laufenburg Switzerland around 9am and reached the town of Oberursel around 1:30pm. At that point we were very hungry, so we looked for a restaurant in Oberursel to satisfy our cravings.

We drove around the cobblestone streets finely arriving at a restaurant that came highly recommended by several travel sites. It turned out to be a Pub called the Oberurseler Brauhaus. I decided that since we were in Germany it was time to have sauerkraut and sausage. Nancy had a tender beef dish smothered in a home made gravy and a chardonnay while I had a house made beer (the best beer I’ve every had). We finished the meal with an Apple Strudel (of course).

This was the perfect introduction to Germany as this Brauhaus was a locals favorite. The food and beverages were exactly what I had hoped for. Oberursel was a quaint little town with lots of shops, cafe’s, and restaurants.

This was the perfect place to wind down our trip. We had been on a tour schedule and adventurous hiking regiment during the whole vacation. Now it was time to just hang out and enjoy a little wine and relaxation. Honestly it didn’t feel like a grueling march but rather a fun and exciting educational and entertaining entree into several cultures of Europe.

The places that are now etched in our memory are some of the bucket list destinations we may never see again. The Eifel Tower, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, Abby Road, boat cruises down the Thames River, the Seine River , and a ferry ride across Lake Geneva to the magical town of Yvoire France were just a few of the most amazing places we visited. Of course I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the square in Dijon (the capital of Burgundy) and the next day tour of my most favorite wine growing region, Burgundy.

Our last night in Oberursel Germany was a fun excursion to a little restaurant called Zum Schwanen. Nancy and I both had the rack of lamb which was substantial and delicious. The meal began with a shredded cabbage salad, home made dressing, and home made bread.

Our walk back to our domain was a relatively short walk rewarded with a glass of wine upon arrival. The next day was a simple drive to the Frankfurt airport, returning the car, and sending the luggage to our US destination, Seattle.

The flight back was much better than the arriving flight. Condor airlines was much better than United. Anyway, what a wonderful trip we will never forget. This catalog of events was somewhat abbreviated but I believe that the overall spirit of our adventure was conveyed.