Water is Magical…

Approximately 60 percent of our bodies is water. This H2O provides the natural ingestive properties that support a healthy immune system. According to the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine a healthy daily fluid intack is about 3.7 liters for men and 2.7 fluid liters for women.

I think we can agree that water is a valuable resource that helps sustain us through our daily routines. As we get older (especially), keeping ourselves healthy is a goal we can all share and one of the few things we can all agree upon. Water is vital for the functioning of all our organs, and it’s a huge part of keeping our immune system functioning at an optimal level.

Our immune system (and those key ingredients that support it) are the bodyguards against infections and harmful elements. Think of water as a solvent that helps keep the immune system in harmony. Water carries important componenets of the immune system, including nutrients, to where they need to go. Water also carries away waste from organs that are the byproducts of our everyday metabolisim as we consume food and turn it into energy. If not flushed out, that waste has the potential to become toxic and weaken the immune system.

As magical as water is for our health it is equally remarkable to gaze upon. Be it oceans, rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, or ponds there are very few natural components that garner as much attention as water in nature.

Negative ions are naturally created by the water, air, sunlight and the Earth’s natural radiation. The highest concentration in nature is most prevelant around bodies of water in motion. The crashing of the waves in the ocean, or water churning in rivers, streams, or creeks are soothing and yet envigorating.

The sensory experience of viewing an ocean, waterfalls or their tributaries produce an abundance of negative ions that help neutralize free radicals, revitalize cell metabolism, and enhance immune functionality. But just to come upon a waterfall in nature or sit by the ocean and view its seemingly endless choreography of motion to the horizon is mesmerizing. Each droplet of water produces a symphony of light and song that enhances a dance within a dance.

Of course light accentuates the beauty of water and creates multiple views within a kaleidoscope of colors. The vision one is afforded to see from dusk to dawn is the different perspectives from one landscape on a color palette painted by Cezanne.

Think of the most beautiful waterscapes you have ever seen and remember the joy it brought you as your mind drifted to the peace and tranquility that swallowed that moment in time. Water brings with it the magic of tranquility framed by powerful display within the wonderment of natures perfect percussion section.

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