We Are So Blessed


Sometimes we forget that the important things in life are free. The love of our friends and family, the random acts of kindness we share or experience, and the natural beauty we gaze upon that literally takes our breath away.

The stories and connections with others adds to the fabric of our existence weaving a tapestry of experiences that makes up our social DNA. This fabric is woven in the many interludes between others, some so short but so important that they reflect but a whisper in time. As we add to the layers of these interactions our life becomes a wonderful book with the players in it coming in and out of our collective space. This spice is the spontaneity which reflects moments we may never forget.

It’s funny, yesterday I saw a police officer ascending the escalator at work as I was descending. I thanked him for his service and he acknowledged the greeting with a heart felt pleasantry. Such a difficult job and I’m sure so few actually thank them for putting their lives on the line to keep us safe. On a another note, sometimes just holding a door open or pulling a chair out for a lady can change the tenor of a verbal exchange and thus the dynamic. Our social fabric is so delicate and fragile that sometimes a seemingly meaningless exchange can change an attitude or even make someones day.

From time to time I’ll watch a butterfly outside my window. I know I couldn’t catch it even if I wanted to because the beauty of a butterfly is in its flight. Like the hummingbird its flight is mesmerizing. The effortless gliding between flowers and trees takes my mind to a quiet place, a very peaceful place that brings a gentle solitude to the deepest part of my soul. This, like the sound of the ocean, a babbling brook, or even the expansive dance of a shooting star brings an inner joy… so very special.

Sometimes when I walk through a forest I feel the energy of the trees. They seem to breath life into all that is around them. Like the Ents in a Tolkien fantasy the trees in snow are like tall withered snowmen standing silently. I feel the trees have a story reflected in their rings that speak of years with abundance and those that were not. But the roots run deep and they speak of life’s struggle for survival and the triumph of living another year stretching to the sun above and craving the water below.

We are so blessed to be alive and with our senses take in the grandeur that is life. So often we miss the important sensory moments that could improve that inner smile. We all have a moving scale of what is important in that instance, in that nanosecond… but what is really important, what we are truly blessed to experience… is to love, and be loved in return.

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