Who Moved My Cone?

Did you ever notice that when you’re driving down the road there may be a section cordoned off that seems like an inordinate amount of cones to protect a space no bigger than 10 ft in diameter? Maybe two miles of cones before you drive by a very small area with one person working and four workers watching that person work. Is there a surge in cone usage funneling us into one lane or is that a complete figment of my imagination?

Along those lines does it seem during this “pandemic” the cones are being moved? Does it seem like our comfort zone and connection with others is a diminishing space? Is there a variable narrative that not only is dividing us further but distancing our ability to communicate effectively with others? Then, how many times does the direction change to reflect numbers provided by the very politicians we don’t trust?

Who moved my cone? Where is the next surge to justify the closure of small businesses that have provided the monetary life blood for their families and those they employ? Perhaps there is a dart board with the person making the decisions to close businesses blindfolded, throwing the dart, and then justifying where the dart hits based upon erroneous, made up numbers.

To date there is no clinical trial that has determined that a mask effectively combats the spread of the virus. In addition to that the WHO says 3ft distancing is effective social distancing and yet we have doubled that contingency. Also, there are no clinical trials to support washing your hands for 20 seconds is more effective than 10 seconds when it comes to limiting the spread of the disease. Who moved my cone?

In our state, Nevada, I can only speak to the rules being enforced in the hospitality industry. Wear a mask if you are an employee, however if you are a guest you may take off the mask at the table (apparently a virus free zone.) Also, at the table there is no social distancing because, once again, the table is a virus free zone. However, when the guest moves from the virus free zone (the table) you must put that mask back on so that you won’t create a discomfortable situation for those you pass by.

Even though one of the main concerns is that this disease attacks your respiratory system and yet, (Is it just me?), wearing the mask makes it harder to breathe. Enjoy this social experiment into the rubber band laws that stretch our constitution both individually and collectively. This, while distancing us from each other, and the coup de gras…taking away the very economic sustenance that provides for our families thus making us even more dependent on the government.

Finally, it seems that someone is moving the cones directing us into a painful social experiment that directs us to be socially responsible while providing no definitive proof that these safeguards are put in place for our safety or merely to determine how far we can be controlled as a people. Who moved my cone?